Watch The Perfect Republican Failure As Rep. Rants To An Empty House About Firing Mueller

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) ranted about Robert Mueller’s “conflicts,” and how a coup is being perpetrated against Trump. The Congressman worked himself into a lather, but there was only one problem. The House was empty while he was speaking, which perfectly sums up the Republican failure to stop the Russia scandal.


The House is empty. There is no one there.

Gaetz ranted and raved about how Mueller is carrying out a coup against Trump. He called for a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. All of the greatest hits of Republican Russia distraction were there, but there was no one present to hear them. If screaming into empty chambers is all that Republicans have to protect Trump, the President is in even worse trouble than anyone could have imagined.

Rep. Gaetz’s rant was the perfect symbol of Republican failure. Republicans can scream and yell their conspiracies, but as the evidence grows against Trump and the campaign, such speeches are nothing more than empty howling at the moon.