Bernie Sanders Sounds The Alarm: Middle-Class Americans Will Foot The Bill For GOP Tax Scam

Bernie Sanders sounded the alarm about the GOP tax plan on Thursday, saying the massive tax cuts for wealthy Americans and corporations will be paid for by middle and lower-income Americans.

In order to pay for the deficit-busting tax plan, the Vermont senator said GOP lawmakers will be taking aim at key programs, like Social Security and Medicare.


Sanders connected the dots:

These tax prorposals, among many other things and many other provisions in it, would create a $1.5 trillion increase in our deficitis, and what the Republicans were very clear about … is saying that what we will then do – and they were clear in the budget – we will cut Medicaid by $1 trilion, Medicare by over $400 billion, Pell Grants, nutrition programs, environmental protection programs. So if they do this, trust me, the day after, they will come back talking about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the need to cut those programs. 

In other words, as the Vermont senator said on Thursday, there is no way for GOP lawmakers to pay for their tax scheme without having to go after programs that millions of Americans rely on to get health care, go to college, or live out their retirement years.

If the plan is successful, Republicans can accomplish two major wishlist items f0r which they’ve been fighting for decades: 1. Massive tax cuts for the wealthy; and 2. The total dismantling of American social programs.

Donald Trump and his GOP allies will continue to talk up their tax plan by cherry-picking instances in which some Americans will benefit in the short-term, but make no mistake: The Republican tax scheme is a massive giveaway to the wealthy that middle- and lower-income folks will be forced to pay for in the long run.