John McCain Calls For Roy Moore To Immediately Quit The Alabama Senate Race

At least one top Republican has the guts to call for Roy Moore to get out of the Alabama Senate race. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) says the allegations that Moore pursued sex with underage girls are enough to give him the boot.

Here is the statement from McCain

The Moore campaign responded by screaming fake news and attacking the media:

Other Republicans have not gone as far as McCain, but Mitch McConnell said that if the allegations are true, Moore has to drop out, “If these allegations are true, he must step aside.” The National Republican Senatorial Committee also said that if the allegations are true, Moore has to go.

In the current political climate where powerful people are falling due to sexual harassment, pursuing sex with underage girls could not only doom a Senate candidate but running a candidate like Moore could cause even more injury to the Republican Party.

John McCain is stepping up and speaking the truth. A person of decent character doesn’t have these allegations made against them. Most Republicans never wanted Roy Moore, and they have been given a chance to do the right thing and get rid of him. If Moore remains in the race, he will stain the Republican Party at a level equal to Donald Trump.

McCain has more guts in his little finger than the rest of his party, and the GOP would be smart to follow his lead and dump Roy Moore.