Paul Ryan Looked America In The Eye And Lied About Why He Is Cutting Taxes For Rich People

At his weekly press conference, Paul Ryan to claim that his tax cuts for the rich are not being done for political benefit.


Ryan was asked if his party could lose suburban Republicans when they find out that this tax bill isn’t going to hurt them, and may even raise their taxes.

The Speaker of the House answered, “We’re not doing this for political benefit. We’re doing this to help people’s lives. We’re doing this to get this country back on track. We’re doing this to get economic growth.”

Every sentence that Paul Ryan uttered in defense of his tax cuts for the rich was a lie. Republicans are pushing for these tax cuts because they are worried that their wealthy donors will stop funding their campaigns if they don’t cut their taxes. Republicans are doing this because they are desperate for a political win after nearly a year of doing nothing. Ryan’s comment about getting the country back on track contradicts the Trump’s administration’s constant refrain that the economy is booming.

Studies show that tax cuts for the wealthy don’t grow the economy, and in fact, harm economic growth because they add to the deficit and lead to reduced investment in things that actually help middle-class people and workers.

Republicans view these tax cuts for the wealthy as their only hope of keeping the House. Paul Ryan is getting desperate, and the Speaker is resorting to some outrageous lies to try to sell a terrible plan to the American people.