Remember That Carrier Plant Trump Promised To Save? Another 215 Workers Have Been Laid Off

It turns out that the $7 million in tax breaks that Trump and Pence gave Carrier meant nothing as another 215 workers have been laid off and there are no signs that the Carrier plant is going to stay in Indianapolis.

Via Fox News, “Carrier Corp., the HVAC manufacturer that had planned to move its operations to Mexico before President Trump staged a much-heralded intervention, said Tuesday it is gearing up for yet another round of layoffs. Less than four months after it laid off nearly 340 employees at its Indianapolis factory, Carrier announced that 215 more employees will be terminated on Jan. 11.”

Carrier has no faith in the plant staying in Indianapolis, and workers feel like they have no job security. Nothing about the Carrier plant status suggests that these jobs have been saved.

In December 2016, Chuck Jones who is the union president at the Carrier plant said that Trump never got a guarantee that the jobs would stay in the United States, “I don’t know what their intentions is. We’ve heard no guarantees on if they are staying for what period of time, or if in fact, they will be ultimately phased out. We don’t know what their strategy going forward is.”

Carrier took $10 million in tax breaks from Trump and Pence and in return gave them a publicity stunt with zero assurances that the jobs would stay in the United States. Carrier took the taxpayers’ money and kept shipping jobs out of Indianapolis.

It was all a giant scam. The Carrier plant may limp along for a while, but the plant looks like it will be closed eventually.

Trump scammed Carrier workers, Indiana taxpayers, and the media, but the good headlines are long gone because the Trump/Pence Carrier con has been uncovered.