Trump, Who Once Bragged About His Own Sexual Assault, Tries To Distance Himself From Roy Moore

The White House is now trying to put distance between itself and Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore after the political world was rocked by a bombshell report claiming Moore molested a 14-year-old girl when he was 32 years old.

In a CNN interview, White House legislative director Marc Short said that “if true,” then the allegations are disqualifying and the president would pull his support of Moore.

“They’re very serious allegations,” Short said. “And if true, then, yes, there’s no path forward.”

It’s unclear what the White House and Republicans mean when they say “if true,” as if these women are fabricating their on-the-record stories, but it is rather amusing to see Trump take any type of stand against a candidate facing sexual assault allegations.

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Keep in mind, this is the man we’re talking about:

Throughout the campaign, Trump was accused of sexual harassment by at least 16 (!!!) women, all of whom he promised to sue if he won the election. Of course, he never did take any legal action against them after taking office.

Ultimately, today’s shocking revelation about Moore making sexual advances on a 14-year-old girl is bad news for Trump for two reasons.

First, after devastating losses for Republicans at the ballot box on Tuesday, it gives Democrats yet another chance to make gains in a place where the GOP candidate should have no trouble winning. That will give progressives even more momentum heading into next year’s elections and put more pressure on Republican lawmakers to back away from Trump and his unpopular agenda.

The second reason it’s a bummer for Trump is that any time a high-profile figure – particularly a politician – is exposed as a sexual predator, it reminds the American people that the man in the White House faces a slew of similar allegations about his own misconduct toward women.

Donald Trump can distance himself from Roy Moore’s past abuse of women all he wants, but he’ll never be able to escape his own.

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