Fox News Loses Its Mind And Blames Hillary Clinton For Roy Moore’s Pedophilia

Fox News has managed to find a way to blame Hillary Clinton for Roy Moore’s illegal sexual contact with underage girls.

Fox jumped on a local report that one of Moore’s accusers worked as a sign language interpreter for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, “One of the women accusing Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual impropriety reportedly worked as a sign language interpreter for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, a new report claims. Deborah Wesson Gibson, who told The Washington Post that she briefly dated Moore when she was 17 and he was 34, founded the language interpreting company, Signs of Excellence, and has worked for a number of democratic campaigns, according to Alabama Local News.”

When all else fails, and Republicans are trying to keep the campaign of their pedophile Senate nominee from totally collapsing, they can always blame Hillary Clinton. The tying of Clinton’s name to the story is meant to send the impression that the accusations against Roy Moore are some sort of political plot that was cooked up by the Democratic Party. The reality is that the women who accused Moore of sexually touching her when she was 14 is a Republican, so partisan politics have nothing to do with it.

Republicans will find a way to blame Hillary Clinton for anything, even Roy Moore’s illegal taste for young girls. Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with this story, but the fact that Republicans and conservative media are trying to drag her name into it indicates how desperate the GOP is to save their Senate nominee.

Four women have come forward, but they probably weren’t the only ones. The other shoes will drop, and the blame Hillary defense won’t be enough to save Roy Moore.