Here’s How Pervert Roy Moore Could Kill Trump’s Tax Cuts For The Rich

If Roy Moore loses the special election in Alabama, the Trump tax cuts for the rich will be dead as a doornail.

Thoughts are growing among Republicans that Moore could lose the Alabama Senate special election. There are also whispers comparing Alabama to the special election that Scott Brown wasn’t supposed to win, but won anyway in Massachusetts.

Ben Pershing, the managing editor at National Journal, tweeted:

The thought was also brought up by a Republican pollster:

A victory by Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama kills the Republican tax cut bill that is barely hanging on by a thread in the Senate. This the reason why there was an immediate push by Republicans to get Moore out of the race. A defeat in Alabama would be catastrophic for the Republican agenda. There are at least two Republican Senators who are already poised to vote against the tax cuts for the rich. A Jones win likely means that Republicans won’t have the votes to get the tax cuts out of the Senate.

Roy Moore’s criminal taste for underage girls could end up destroying the Republican agenda because, in politics, everything is related.

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