Republicans Are Melting Down Over Roy Moore As 2 GOP Senators Pulls Their Endorsements

Republican Senator Steve Daines of Montana became the second Republican Senator to pull his endorsement even though conservative media is running to the defense of the Alabama Senate candidate.

Here is the seat from Sen. Daines:

Daines joins Utah Sen. Mike Lee as the Republicans who have unendorsed Moore:

There are three Republican Senators still endorsing Moore. Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz of Texas along with Rand Paul from Kentucky are still for the moment endorsing Moore.

The endorsement pullout is interesting because it comes at the same time as conservative media heavyweights like Sean Hannity and Steve Bannon are defending Moore. Alabama Republicans have also come to the defense of Moore, but the Republican Party is deeply divided and on the cusp of a full-blown civil war over their Senate nominee in the Alabama special election. The Republicans with any morals left are calling for Moore to step down, while those who only care about the tax cut bill are trying to dodge the entire issue.

One should not hold out hope for Republicans to do the right thing when it comes to Roy Moore. If a political party will sell itself out to Putin to win a presidential election, the odds of them taking a firm stand against a child molester in their midst is slim to none.