Republican Sickness Grows As Roy Moore’s Brother Compares Accused Child Sexual Assaulter to Jesus

About those criminal sexual conduct with teenagers accusations being made against Alabama Republican Judge and Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Roy Moore is being persecuted like Jesus. According to his brother.

CNN correspondent Martin Savidge spoke to Moore’s brother Jerry Moore on the phone.
Jerry “denied the allegations against his brother and drew an analogy between his situation and the persecution of Jesus Christ, Savidge reported Friday in an interview with CNN’s John Berman.”

“Moore went so far as to say ‘that his brother is being persecuted, in his own words, like Jesus Christ was,’ according to Savidge. ‘Very defiant and very outspoken, relying on his faith and defending his brother to the hilt.'”

Jerry Moore told Savidge the allegations are not true and then pivoted to concern about the the impact of the accusations on their mother, which is one way of saying that the women in Moore’s family matter, whereas the 14-year-old daughter (the age of one of Moore’s alleged victims) in someone else’s family does not.

Moore blamed the Democratic Party and money as the motivators for the women coming forward against his brother. He said suggested these women would have to answer to God for making these allegations, “these women are going to, as [Moore] put it, have to answer to God for these false allegations,” Savidge said.

When the news broke that Roy Moore was being accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and assault, my first reaction was that it was a good thing for Moore.

Being a Republican, Moore can use accusations like this to play to his base, like Trump did. For the Republican base and indeed the Party, even Donald Trump being caught on tape admitting to sexual assault is not problematic enough to cause them to distance themselves from him.

And in red areas, the media, the Democrats, liberals, women — are the “devil.”

The constant demonizing Republicans do of the truth and of reality allows them to use religious faith to set themselves up just like this – they are Jesus, being persecuted. The people reporting on their behavior are evil, are out to get them and therefore should be shutdown. The base is primed for this, and it works on them, much like it would in a cult.

It was just yesterday that another Republican tried to use the story of Jesus’ birth to defend Roy Moore. Alabama Republican State Auditor and alleged Christian Jim Zeigler used the Bible to defend Republican Judge Roy Moore from accusations of child rape, claiming that Joseph was an adult, while Mary, Jesus’ mother, was a teenager.

This stuff sounds pretty nuts if you’re not a Republican. If you are a Republican, it makes perfect sense. Roy Moore, alleged child sexual assaulter, is like Jesus. Don’t look at the facts, don’t listen to the women. Listen to Jesus/Roy. Only Roy/Republicans will tell the truth.

Jesus for child rape? Is that where Republicans are really going? Correction: That is where Republicans have already gone.

Predators come from both sides of the aisle. The difference is that Democrats toss theirs out (albeit sometimes after delays), while Republicans elevate theirs to the White House and liken them to Jesus himself.

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