Watch Mitch McConnell And Senate Republicans Silently Laugh As They Are Asked About Roy Moore

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, along with Republican Sens. Orrin Hatch, and Chuck Grassley sat in silence and laughed as reporters asked them about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.


It is a dodge the McConnell, and other Senate Republicans frequently use on questions about Donald Trump. Instead of making a statement, or showing any sort of moral conviction at all, when a Trump or a Moore is asked about, Republicans go silent. There is no leadership. Republicans offer no accountability.

The best way to understand why the Republican-controlled Senate has been a total failure is to realize that those old men in that video have spines made of jelly. Trump isn’t leading the country, and the congressional majority is laughing about claims that one of their future colleagues sexually assaulted underage girls.

The video was the perfect example of the Senate Republican majority in action. Laughing while avoiding questions about a heinous criminal act of one of their own. Forget running the Senate; these old men aren’t fit to be members of society.

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