5 Advertisers Dump Sean Hannity After He Defends Roy Moore On His Fox News Show

Advertisers are fleeing Sean Hannity, and his Fox News show after Hannity defended Roy Moore’s sexual abuse of children.

Hannity defended Moore by urging his viewers not to rush to judgement, and the backlash was immediate:

Fox News was desperate to take back the primetime #1 rating from MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, but what they are quickly learning is that it is better to be number two and be able to sell ads than be number one and losing money.

Any Republican or conservative news outlet that defends Roy Moore is going to face a backlash. Advertising boycotts work because advertisers don’t want their brands associated with division and controversy. By supporting a sexual abuser of children, Sean Hannity has smeared his advertisers with a stain that will never come off. Hannity already lost advertisers after he embraced the Seth Rich conspiracy theory on his show, and one has wonder how more Fox News is willing to put up with.

Roy Moore may be heading for defeat, and he could be taking Sean Hannity down with him.