Opinion: Failure, Sex, Lies And A Moron Are Destroying GOP

The party of “family values” has fallen on hard times. The Republican Party as we know it has been transformed into the worst representation of government in our modern history. Led by a moral abomination, Donald Trump, the GOP has molded itself in the image of its inept leader and become fodder for late night comedy, resignations, impeachment and federal prison.

From the buffoonery of Donald Trump to the accusations of pedophilia against Alabama Judge Roy Moore, conservative politics are imploding, and everyone seems to understand that, except those in the middle of the meltdown. Denials, delusions, and lies are the new normal for the GOP as American citizens realize that the grand old party isn’t so grand anymore.

Roy Moore and his Alabama contingent have proven themselves to be tone deaf, insensitive and tragically stupid. Take the case of Alabama GOP State Rep. Ed Henry, who dared to say that the purported victims of Roy Moore should be prosecuted for not coming forward sooner with their accusations. Sexual abuse is at the forefront of the American consciousness, following the fallout from the Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein revelations, among others that seem to emerge every day. Women are displaying immense courage and fortitude to break their silence and should be encouraged to tell their truths not vilified.

Then there’s Republican National Committeeman, Paul Reynolds, who incredibly opined that ‘if he had to choose who to place his welfare in, The Washington Post – who reported the Roy Moore story – or Putin, he’d choose Putin every time.’ Consider that for a moment. A representative of our government, went on record saying he trusted a foreign adversary that has been proven to interfere with our democratic elections, who has journalists murdered, over a member of American media. This madness was offered as our resident Moron in Chief and his illicit underlings, are being investigated for colluding with Russia. Is that coincidental, ironic or full-fledged lunacy?

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If that bit of brilliance doesn’t make your blood boil, contemplate what may be the coup de grace, offered by Alabama state auditor, Jim Ziegler, who delved into the realm of religious insanity, by first comparing Moore’s alleged courtship of a 14 year old girl, to the biblical relationship between Joseph and Mary. Just to make his position clear, Ziegler doubled down on his idiocy by insisting there was nothing immoral or illegal about a 32-year-old man seducing a teenager. Evangelicals all across the state of Alabama echo his sick sentiment. It’s these same evangelicals who have empowered Donald Trump and continue to support his presidency after he conned them into believing he was a man of faith.

Led by cowardly Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell the GOP is also trying to get a tax plan approved, that they’ve gone out their way to mislead American citizens about. McConnell was caught lying about tax relief for the middle class and Republicans have tried to include a repeal of the ACA under the radar. Lying and deceit have become the most prevalent calling card of the party.

Trump nominated Brett Talley for a federal judgeship, in spite of the fact that Talley has never even tried a case in court as a lawyer. You read that right. He’s never tried a case. Never filed a motion. He passed a Senate vote 11-9. Guess who holds the majority seats in the Senate? The GOP of course. Sensing a pattern yet? Talley is also a staunch supporter of the NRA, so much so that he characterized the Obama administration’s call for background checks for prospective gun owners and proposed limitations on rapid-fire weapons as ‘the greatest attack on our constitutional freedoms in our lifetime.’ Federal judges are appointed for life. How can anyone be comfortable with Donald Trump – dumb as the day is long Donald Trump that is – populating our justice system with his hand-picked judges? He isn’t remotely qualified to do so, as evidenced by the numerous firings, resignations and significantly substandard results of his cabinet and staff.

The Lying King himself, under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller – regardless of his denials and obliviousness- is poised to go down in history not merely as the most corrupt, poisonous and boneheaded president but also potentially as a foreign compromised treasonous snake. He may very well be the first president fitted for a prison jumpsuit along with his son Donald Jr and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Donald Trump is a traitor to all things American. He has come right out and said on Veterans Day no less, that he believes the word of former KGB killer Vladimir Putin, over the universal findings of U.S. intelligence. He says this with a straight face, even as indictments are being handed down by Robert Mueller. Donald Trump is an absolute disgrace to this country and has been long before he took office. Resignation or impeachment will not be enough punishment for his treason. Donald Trump belongs in a prison cell along with other members of his dimwitted crime family.

Trump ignores Radical Christian Extremists while praising bigots as fine people. Demands to put gun reform on the table are met with claims of “too soon” while he waits about 15 seconds to call our Federal court system a joke when prosecuting terrorists. He insults the families of fallen soldiers, ignores social issues, calls for police brutality and assails the media. Donald Trump is a cancer.

Trump and the GOP are protected by Fox News, who deemed the recent democratic takeover election results as unworthy of report. Fox disgustingly promotes debunked conspiracy theories, floated by Trump and distort the facts of his presidency. We have to ask ourselves if Republicans are beginning to believe the propaganda that Fox distributes to the public because they seemingly have no grasp on reality and their public perception.

As each day goes by the GOP shovels another pound of dirt into their political grave while peeling back every layer of their deceptive practices. They are led by and follow in the footsteps of lunatic who has no respect or understanding of democracy. Donald Trump is leading the Republican Party to slaughter and as Tuesday’s elections demonstrated, America is more than happy to aim our own weapons of mass destruction, our votes, directly at the heart of the GOP. #RESIST

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