GOP Rep Mo Brooks Claims Roy Moore’s Sexual Assault Isn’t Important Because He’ll ‘Vote Right’


Despite a growing number of disturbing revelations about GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, Republican Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama says he still supports him.

According to Brooks, Moore’s knack for sexually assaulting teenagers – from age 14 to 17 – isn’t important because he’ll vote with Republicans on key issues, from the national debt to abortion rights.


The full statement from Brooks:

There are major issues facing the United States of America, deficit and debt that can lead to insolvency and bankruptcy, funding for national security, border security, abortion, an appointment of supreme court justices – Doug Jones will vote wrong on each of those issues, Roy Moore will vote right on each of those issues. That’s why I’m voting for Roy Moore. 

On its face, Brooks’ statement is nonsensical, particularly the part where he cites the national debt. Keep in mind, Brooks is likely on the verge of voting yes for a tax plan that will explode the deficit and benefit only his wealthy donors.

In cases like this, though, partisanship must be set aside in order to maintain the integrity of the United States Senate. It matters very little how a potential lawmaker will vote on the national debt if they lack character and decency.

An increasing number of Republicans – from Mitch McConnell to Cory Gardner to Jeff Flake – appear to be getting the memo that character still counts, that the U.S. Senate doesn’t accept men who molest teenage girls just because they’ll cut taxes for the rich or support the construction of a border wall.

Shamefully, Mo Brooks isn’t one of them.