The Puppet President: Former CIA Director Warns Gullible Trump Is Being Manipulated By Putin

Former CIA Director Michael Morell warned that Trump is gullible and that he is being manipulated by Russia and Putin.


Morell said, “It certainly shows that the President is gullible to being manipulated by Vladimir Putin. Putin is a guy who was a trained intelligence officer. He was trained to manipulate people, and that’s exactly what he did with President Trump.”

The former CIA Director also discussed Trump’s troubling view of intelligence agencies, “I think the key issue here with regard to the president and our intelligence community is that he seems to think that it’s a political entity, a political tool and that scares me because the last president who saw our intelligence community that way was Richard Nixon, who then used the FBI and the CIA inappropriately.”

The President Of The United States is being manipulated by a hostile foreign power. This is a constitutional crisis. Donald Trump does not have the strength nor soundness of mind to represent the United States. Calling Trump gullible and open to manipulation is the generous assessment. A more realistic way of looking at Trump is that he is a shallow egomaniac who is too ignorant to understand what he doesn’t know. In other words, Trump is the perfect puppet for Putin, which is why Trump has got to go.