Republicans Do Their Best To Lose Congress By Adding Obamacare Repeal To Tax Cuts For The Rich

Senate Republicans will add a measure that repeals the individual mandate and cost millions their health insurance to the already unpopular bill cutting taxes for the rich.

One week ago, Republicans lost by 54 points on healthcare in Virginia, so their big answer is to double down:

According to the CBO, 13 million people will lose their health insurance if the individual mandate is repealed.

The tax cut bill itself will automatically cut Medicare by $25 billion a year:

The absurdity has reached the point where it is almost like Republicans know they are losing Congress next year, so they are going to bundle all of their bad ideas into one bill before they are kicked out of office. Only the most oblivious of political parties could respond to getting their asses kicked on healthcare by 54 points with a plan to take healthcare away from 13 million Americans.

It is almost like Republicans have given up and are trying to lose the 2018 election. The addition of the individual mandate repeal to tax cuts for the wealthy is a giant middle finger to the American people. The bad news for Congressional Republicans is that voters will get the final word next November.