Roy Moore Declares War On Mitch McConnell As Republican Self-Destruction Escalates

In an effort to change the subject to anything but his pedophilia, Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has declared war on Mitch McConnell.

Moore tweeted:

Roy Moore is following the Trump playbook to the letter. After The Washington Post story where four women came forward with accusations was published, Moore attacked the newspaper and the media. Moore has threatened to sue his accusers, and now he is attacking other Republicans in congressional leadership.

The Republican Party has gotten to the point where their pedophile Senate candidate is declaring war on their Senate majority, and there is a possibility that the pedophile is more popular than the Majority Leader in Alabama. During the Obama administration, Republicans were able to hide their dysfunction behind a hatred of Obama. The pressure of being responsible for governing combined with having no one to blame for their failures has resulted in a party whose screwed up mentality is front and center for all to see.

Donald Trump was the lit match and gas can that set the Republican Party ablaze, but instead of shaking up the status quo, Trump has turned the Republican Party into a hope for racists, perverts, and half-wits. There is no home in the GOP anymore for economic or principled conservatives.

The Republican Party is being burnt to the ground and rebuilt in the image of Donald Trump.

Moore vs. McConnell is more than a fight between a pedo and America’s most hated politician. It is another marker on the path to the inevitable self-destruction of the Republican Party.

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