Voters Reject Psycho President As Number Who Believe Trump Is Mentally Fit Falls To New Low


A new Quinnipiac University Poll found that the number of Americans who think that Trump is mentally fit to be president has fallen to a new low of 40%.

According to The Quinnipiac University Poll:

– American voters disapprove 58 – 35 percent of the job President Donald Trump is doing, near his lowest score, a 61 – 33 percent disapproval August 2.

– Independent voters, a key voting bloc, disapprove of President Trump 63 – 31 percent. Democrats disapprove 91 – 5 percent. Republicans approve 80 – 11 percent.


– In a new low for this measure, only 40 percent of American voters say Trump is fit to serve as president, while 57 percent say he is not fit.

Most presidents have been able to ride out low approval numbers by offsetting them with good personal favorability. In Trump’s case, his personality and mental state are the problems. Fifty-nine percent of voters said Trump lacks good leadership skills, and 58% said that he is not honest. Fifty-nine percent of voters said that Trump doesn’t care about average Americans and 65% said that the President is not level-headed, and most damningly, 62% said that Trump does not share their values.

The perception is growing among voters that Donald Trump is not mentally well. The reason why it is taking so long for this realization to set in is that the mainstream media are afraid to discuss Trump’s behavior and mental state in an honest way. When the press begins to discuss Trump’s mentally unstable behavior as the danger to the country that it is, the number of voters who think Trump is fit for office will continue to decline.

Trump’s 35% approval rating is roughly equal to the percentage of the vote that he can expect to get when he runs for reelection.

Americans realize that Trump is not fit to be president. The next step is for them to elect a Democrat Congress to act as a check and keep the country safe.