Watch The Destruction Of Jeff Sessions As Rep. Luis Gutierrez Asks If He Will Lock Clinton Up

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) left Attorney General Jeff Sessions speechless by asking him if he plans on upholding Trump’s campaign promise to put Hillary Clinton in jail.


Gutierrez asked, “Are you going to fulfill that campaign promise that he made during the second debate because he did say he would put her in jail? He said he’d ask the Attorney General, you, to set a special prosecutor, that’s what he said. It’s a quote. I didn’t make it up. What do you say? Are you going to keep that campaign promise?”

Sessions answered, “I’ll fulfill my responsibilities under the law.”

Gutierrez followed up, “Are you going to keep the campaign promise? That’s a simple yes or no. It’s a promise that your boss, he hired you to fulfill. Are you going to fulfill it?”

Sessions said, “We will comply with the law with regard to special counsel appointments.”

The point of Gutierrez questions was not to get Hillary Clinton prosecuted but to put the Attorney General on record as taking the opposite position from the President on prosecuting Hillary Clinton. Trump has been whining on Twitter for weeks that Hillary Clinton needs to be investigated. Rep. Gutierrez also wanted to make it crystal clear that there is going to be no special counsel riding to the rescue to take attention away from Donald Trump.

It was a beautiful destruction of Sessions that was all done with a happy smile.

The House Judiciary Committee hearing has been a disaster for Sessions, and if this keeps up, he might be out of a job by Thanksgiving.