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Even Fox News Is Getting Sick Of Trump’s Crap As They Mock His White House Asia Speech

Fox News was not happy as Trump promised a major announcement and instead offered an how I spent my Asia trip speech.


Shep Smith wanted to talk about the Roy Moore situation, but Trump offered zippo on that, so he asked the AP’s Josh Feldman what he would tell people the speech was about. Feldman answered, “Well, this had the feeling Shep, of when your cousin has already told you all about their vacation, but he makes you watch the slideshow of all of his pictures anyway. I mean there was nothing new in here that we didn’t know from having watched the President’s travels over the last week and a half or so.”

Anthony Zurcher of the BBC made the same point that Trump promised a major announcement, and instead delivered nothing:

Journalists of all stripes hate being misled about a story. They get especially annoyed when they are promised a major announcement, and then get nothing. It has been less than a year, but Trump’s act has already worn thin with the most of the country.

Donald Trump gave this speech because he didn’t feel like his trip got enough attention from the press. He had no major announcement. There was never going to be a major announcement. Trump wanted to soothe his ego by generating press.

Fox News is divided on Trump. There is the Hannity/Ingraham faction that acts as state-run television, and then there are the journalists at Fox who tired of being lied to, misled, and stonewalled by this White House.

Trump’s tween needing attention and acting out behavior is exhausting, and it looks like even parts of Fox News are getting tired of his crap.

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