Incoherent And Out Of It Trump Takes A Water Break In The Middle Of His Asia Speech

This was not a good look for Trump, as the President stopped in the middle of his remarks about his Asia trip, said, “they don’t have water,” found a bottle of water, took a drink, then continued reading his speech.


This White House is so dysfunctional and incompetent that they didn’t have water on hand. Secondly, Trump is so out of it that he stopped in the middle of the speech, found a bottle of Fiji water, and took a drink, then continued his speech. Trump should have never been giving a speech so soon after coming home after a long trip, but given that he was tantruming on Twitter over the lack of coverage of his trip, it is reasonable to suspect that the speech was Trump’s idea.

Trump made fun of Marco Rubio’s infamous water moment during his State Of The Union response, but what goes around comes around, as the out of it president now has had his own water moment, as America continues to be confronted with the moron and his team of incompetents that currently occupy the White House.

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