Doug Jones Leads Roy Moore By 8 As Alabama Voters Want A Senator With Honor

A new Fox News poll shows Democrat Doug Jones leading Republican Roy Moore by 8 points as Alabama voters say that want a candidate that will represent the state with honor.

Via Fox News:
Jones is up by eight points over Moore among Alabama likely voters, 50 percent vs. 42 percent, in a Fox News Poll conducted Monday through Wednesday evenings.

Support from women is the key to the Democrat’s advantage in this red state, as Jones is their choice by 26 points (58-32 percent). The gap grows to 49 points among women under age 45 (69-20 percent), and he’s up by 11 among women ages 45 and over (51-40 percent). Jones even receives 19 percent support from Republican women (to Moore’s 68 percent).


When asked which candidate qualities are important to their vote decision, 33 percent say they want someone who will represent Alabama with honor, 26 percent are looking for someone who shares their values, 26 percent want a candidate who will bring needed change, and 8 percent prioritize their party’s candidate.

Alabama voters don’t want a Senator who will try to sexually assault their underage teenage daughter at the mall. It is really that simple. Roy Moore’s campaign is looking increasingly doomed. Republicans will try to turn attention to Sen. Al Franken, but there are two key differences. Franken hasn’t sexually assaulted underage girls, and at the time of this writing, the Democratic Senator has one accuser and has taken full responsibility for his behavior.

What Franken did was wrong. What Roy Moore did could land him in prison.

The problem for Republicans is that they are running the biggest perceived scumbag this side of Trump against a man is known for his moral character and decency. Alabama isn’t the same thing as Trump conjuring Clinton boogymen to distract from his own behavior.

The choice is easy in Alabama. Voters can choose between a pedo predator or the man who brought the Birmingham church bombers to justice.

Judging from the polls, voters would rather have a decent Democrat represent them than a Republican who preys on teenage girls.

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