Trump Proclaims Himself Your Favorite President While Attacking Sen. Jeff Flake


Donald Trump who has the lowest approval ratings in history took to Twitter to proclaim himself “your favorite president.”

Trump tweeted:


Three things about the President’s tweet:

1). Trump is the least popular first-year president in the history of polling, so he has no room to talk about anyone else’s poll numbers.

2). It is not “mike.” It’s mic, which is short for microphone, but the moronic misspelling is proof that this tweet came from Trump himself.

3). Trump’s approval rating hovers between 32% and 37%. Trump has never had a national 50% approval rating in an objective poll as a candidate or as president. It will likely never happen. The only thing that Trump could to do to boost his approval rating with many Americans is to resign.

Trump is so delusional that he really believes that he’s doing a great job and that America loves him. Trump thinks he’s your favorite president, which is another reason why voters have to go to the polls in November 2018 and prove him wrong.