White House Just Shot Themselves In The Foot By Promising Trump Won’t Sign A Middle Class Tax Increase


White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney made a promise that is destined to come back to haunt Trump as he vowed that the President wouldn’t sign a bill that increases taxes on the middle class.



Mulvaney said, “The bottom line is, the White House, president, is not going to sign a bill that raises taxes on the middle class. Period.”

Mulvaney went on to try to discredit the Joint Committee on Taxation’s finding that the Republican tax plan would cut taxes for the rich and raise taxes on people earning less than $75,000 a year. Remember, Mulvaney’s statement, because under the Republican legislation 13 million people will lose their healthcare, and have their taxes go up. Millions of people will have no health insurance and less money.

It will be easy to fact check the White House on this claim. If Trump signs the bill, and taxes go up, it will be the worst Republican mistake on the issue since George H.W. Bush said read my lips. No new taxes.

The Trump administration is so desperate for a win that they are telling absurd lies which will come back to haunt them.

Mulvaney’s promise that, “If we really believe that whatever comes out of the House and Senate conference committee before Christmas raises taxes on the middle class, the president’s not going to sign it.”

Since Trump believes that he really won the popular vote, Russia didn’t interfere in the election, and Obama wiretapped him, getting him to believe that a bill that raises taxes on the middle class doesn’t should be an easy sell.

With each lie, the White House is placing a shovel full of dirt on Trump’s political grave.