Al Franken Isn’t Going Anywhere As He Has No Plans To Resign Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Sen. Franken’s office said that the Senator has no plans to resign over the sexual harassment allegations that have been made against him.

ABC News reported:

Those who are calling for Franken to resign have an agenda. There is no reason for Al Franken to resign at this time. His primary accuser said that she doesn’t believe that he should lose his Senate seat. Franken has apologized and taken responsibility for his actions. If the voters of Minnesota want to vote him out of office, they have that chance, but there doesn’t appear to be any real reason for Franken to resign at this time.

It would be wise for everyone involved to let the Senate Ethics Committee do their investigation, and base any future conclusions on their findings. If Franken is cleared by the Ethics Committee, there will be no reason for him to resign.

The process needs to play out, but in this heated partisan environment, patience is a lost art.

The truth will be revealed about Al Franken in due time, and a resignation now would be unjustified.