Democrats Are Loading Up Devastating Nationwide Ads To Make Republicans Pay For Their Tax Cut Scam

Democrats are getting set to unleash a series of ads that will make Republicans pay a heavy price for supporting the tax cuts for the rich scam.

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post reported, “Democrats are set to go up on the air with a seven-figure TV ad buy targeting House Republicans in multiple districts with a lot of working-class whites — as well as in districts with more college-educated whites, I’ve learned. The animating idea is that the GOP tax proposals — which will be featured in the ads — are likely to prove toxic among both those constituencies and particularly among those working-class whites who switched from Barack Obama to Trump.”

Here is an example of the ad:

The ad is designed to target those working-class white voters in swing congressional districts who may have voted for Obama but were fooled by Trump’s populist rhetoric in 2016. There is an important dot that needs to be connected in the minds of voters. Not only will the Republican tax plan raise their taxes and cost them their health insurance, but it also triggers a $25 billion yearly cut in Medicare.

By passing this tax cut scam, Republicans handed Democrats a political gift, but it is vital that they translate the message to voters in an understandable way. Trump’s election has brought the Democratic Party into alignment with the mood of the rest of the country. Democrats are angry. Voters are angry. It is ironic that the culture of rage that Trump was able to cultivate in 2016 is being turned against the President and his own party.

The House is there for the taking in 2018, and Democrats are putting together the right message to turn feelings into votes next November.