Trump Is Losing It Because His Ratings Are Down 3 Times More Than The NFL

Donald Trump flipped out on the NFL on Monday morning. It has to be driving him crazy that no matter how hard he tries to ruin the NFL, Trump’s ratings are down three times more than the league’s TV numbers.

Trump tweeted:

Joel Benenson tweeted a good reason why Trump is so mad:

The reality is that Trump’s rage at the NFL has nothing to do with the anthem. As usual with the petty president, a decades-old grudge is at the center of his complaints. Trump is fuming as USFL owner he pushed that league to compete with the NFL in the 1980s and got crushed. Trump tried to buy the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills but was turned down.

Trump’s psyche is so damaged that he is abusing the platform of the presidency to attack a sports league that got the better of him decades ago. He is obsessed with the NFL, because just like Hillary Clinton, the NFL beat him, and Trump has convinced himself that he never loses.

The President Of The United States is trying to drive the NFL out of business, but all he is accomplishing is potentially turning himself into a one-term president.

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