Watch As An Out Of It Trump Can Barely Read His Cabinet Meeting Script On Tax Cuts

A heavily scripted Donald Trump could barely read the words placed in front of him as he tried to tout his tax cuts for the rich before a cabinet meeting.


The White House has become so concerned about Trump’s declining mental state that they have taken to not sending him out in front of cameras unscripted. However, the script doesn’t help when the President is barely able to read it. Trump is having difficulty reading the words that are placed in front of him.

One has to wonder how bad this situation has to get before the mainstream media starts mentioning it. The words that Trump tried to read were more of the same lies about the Republican tax cut plan for the wealthy. Trump promised that the cuts would be a “Christmas gift” with all the enthusiasm of Scrooge in the first act of A Christmas Carol. Trump whined about Democrats not voting for a plan that cuts taxes for the rich, takes healthcare away from 13 million people, and raises taxes on the middle-class.

There is no leadership coming from the White House because it is becoming clear that Donald Trump can’t carry out the basic functions and duties of the presidency without a great deal of strain. The man who claimed that Hillary Clinton didn’t enough energy and stamina to be president has to have all of his words scripted and can barely read what other people are writing for him.

Trump shouldn’t be worried about a second term because he is showing signs of not making it through his first.