Moron Trump Got Duped Into Endorsing Roy Moore And He Could Cost Republicans Everything

Donald Trump just the worst personal instincts in the history of the presidency, and bad judgment could cost Republicans everything if they lose the Alabama Senate race.

Politico has the story of how Trump went with his gut and supported Roy Moore, “During animated conversations with senior Republicans and White House aides, the president said he doubted the stories presented by Moore’s accusers and questioned why they were emerging now, just weeks before the election, according to two White House advisers and two other people familiar with the talks. The White House advisers said the president drew parallels between Moore’s predicament and the one he faced just over a year ago when, during the final weeks of the 2016 campaign, Trump confronted a long line of women who accused him of harassment. He adamantly denied the claims.”

Trump endorsed a pedophile because he is too lazy or stupid to learn the full story that whispers about Roy Moore have been around for decades. Just like the stories about Trump’s treatment of women were floating around for years before he ran for president.

Donald Trump just emboldened and encouraged Roy Moore to stay in the Senate race. If Moore loses to Democrat Doug Jones, it will cost Republicans everything. Their Senate majority will shrink to a one-vote margin. The tax cuts for the rich will likely be dead, as Jones opposes the current Republican bill that cuts taxes for the wealthy and makes everyone else foot the bill.

It could all be gone for Republicans less than a year after they assumed power because Donald Trump had to encourage and support an alleged pedophile. If Republicans lose it all on December 12, Trump should be blamed.

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