A New Poll Proves That Democrats Are The Real Party Of Moral And Family Values

For decades, Republicans called themselves the party of family values, but a new poll reveals that it is now the Democratic Party that is taking a more moral position on issues like sexual harassment.
Quinnipiac University found:

An amazing 81% of Democrats would not vote for a candidate that they agreed with if they were accused of sexual harassment. On the Republican side, more Republicans would than wouldn’t consider voting for a candidate that has been accused of sexual harassment.

All of that party of family values talk that Republicans used for decades was marketing.

Morality and values are much less important to Republicans than agreement on the issues. This difference explains why Republicans continued to support Trump after the Access Hollywood tape, and many of them still support Roy Moore today.

Personal values aren’t as important to Republicans as winning. Some Republicans don’t care if Roy Moore is a pedo who chases underage girls, or Donald Trump has been sexually assaulting women for years. They were never serious about family values. The lack of a moral compass is how they got Donald Trump as the leader of their party.

For voters who care about morals and values, have no home in the Republican Party. Democrats are the party that has the morals and principles that are missing in Trump’s GOP.