Trump’s FCC To Gut Internet Freedom By Killing Net Neutrality Rules On December 14

In a statement that was loaded with doublespeak, FCC Chair Ajit Pai announced a vote on a plan that would put control of what internet users see and use in the hands of big Internet Service Providers like Verizon and Comcast.

Here is Pai’s statement:

The only freedom Pai’s plan provides is the freedom for big corporations to execute a hostile takeover of the internet. Republicans want to the internet to be corporate controlled and website, like this one, will have to pay for access to readers. Websites and services that can pay the ISPs will be put in a fast lane, and everyone else will go into a slow lane. If net neutrality is ended, the days of the internet be an open and level playing field will be over.

Elections have consequences, so when roughly 80,000 voters in three states put Donald Trump in the White House, they also voted to kill internet freedom.

A President who doesn’t even use the internet is about to champion an action that will be a giant step backward for innovation, freedom, and equality.

Net neutrality must be saved.