This Picture Of Naked Rep Joe Barton Rips Off The Mask and Reveals The Real Face Of The GOP

The naked picture of Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) shows the ugly face and brutality of a fraudulent party that has hidden behind the flag and claims of family values.

Here is the pic as tweeted by Shaun King:

The Republican Party isn’t loving the troops, waving the flag, and family values.

The real Republican Party is naked Joe Barton, Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tape, Roy Moore’s pedophilia, and the same people who ignored the ambush of four Green Berets in Niger until they were pressured and shamed into acknowledging the deaths of four Americans who sacrificed for their country.

If one good thing is coming out of the Republican control of Congress and the Trump presidency, it’s that the American people are getting to see the real face of the Republican Party. Republicans want to take health care away from tens of millions, cut taxes for the rich while making everyone else pay for it, racism, sexism, and the attempting cover-up of the Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The mask is off, and the American people see who Republicans really are.