Roy Moore Looks Doomed As His Campaign Spokesman Resigns Weeks Before Election Day

To the surprise of no one, Roy Moore’s campaign spokesman has resigned.

Washingtonian reported, “John Rogers has resigned as communications director from Roy Moore’s Senate campaign, according to a source familiar with the matter. Reached by phone on Wednesday, Rogers confirmed his resignation. He declined to comment further.”

The resignation of his campaign spokesperson came less than a day after Trump endorsed Roy Moore. If it weren’t for bad instincts, Trump would have no instincts at all. Roy Moore’s campaign looks like it’s falling apart, so to Donald Trump, it looks like the perfect time to wade into the Senate race and offer a ringing endorsement of an alleged pedophile.

Roy Moore is crashing and burning as the election a few weeks ago demonstrated, Donald Trump doesn’t have magic powers or coattails. Donald Trump and his White House lack the basic common sense to not endorse a pedophile.

Communications directors don’t resign from campaigns that are winning less than three weeks before Election Day.

Whether Republicans want to admit it or not, Roy Moore looks increasingly doomed to defeat.