The White House Freaks Out And Tries To Cover For Trump Playing Golf Instead Of Working


The White House first told reporters that Wednesday was going to be low key, then realizing they admitted that Trump was doing nothing, they reversed course and claimed he was working all day, but Trump was spotted heading to the golf course to play golf.

Here was the timeline of a morning of stupid White House lies:

This administration is annoying because they have to about everything all of the time. Trump is at his business. He stopped working a day earlier than Obama did for Thanksgiving to go to Florida. This president has taken more golf days than any first-year president. People aren’t stupid. They know what Trump is doing, but this White House continues to insult the intelligence of the American people with lies about the notoriously lazy president working.


When Trump was spotted going to the golf course, he made the people who lied for him look like total idiots. Donald Trump is lazy and refuses to carry out the basic duties of the presidency. This is not breaking news, but these White House flips out and lies diminish the credibility of the Executive Branch, and remind American that the president is a joke.