Trump Accidentally Compliments Column Calling Out His Racist Attacks Against African-Americans

Trump accidentally complimented a Washington Post column that discussed the pattern of racism behind his attacks on African-American sports figures.

Here was the thread:

Trump was trying to send a new Make America Great Again tweet, but instead, he replied to Greg Sargent’s tweet, which reveals that his claims of not reading The Washington Post are lies. Trump is reading all of the media coverage and interestingly seems to agree with Sargent that there is a pattern of racist messaging to Trump’s attacks on African-American sports figures and athletes.

The President is attempting to “make America great again” through racism. Trump’s reply reveals that fact. If Trump thought the coverage was wrong, he would have issued an angry tweet reply. Instead, he claimed that this is how he is making America great again by attacking high profile African-Americans.

Even on Thanksgiving, Trump is trying to divide America.