Crazy Cat Lady Who Tried To Kill Obama Caught By Cat Hair

A woman who sent a homemade bomb to President Obama was caught because of the cat hair on the package.

CBS News reported, “Court documents filed in district court in Houston last week show Julia Poff was indicted earlier this month on six counts for allegedly mailing the bombs in October 2016, including mailing injurious articles and transporting explosives with the intent to kill and injure…An obliterated shipping label on the package sent to Abbott led investigators to Poff’s address in Sealy, and a cat hair found under the shipping label of the package sent to Obama matched one of Poff’s cats, the indictment says. The device contained a cellphone, a cigarette package and a Ken’s salad dressing cap which were also linked to Poff, including by witnesses who said she had bought the salad dressing for an anniversary dinner, according to the indictment.”

People try to harm presidents and other elected officials for all sorts of reasons, but Poff tried to blow up Greg Abbott because her ex-husband was not paying support, and she tried to kill the then President Of The United States because she didn’t like him.

There are people with mental health issues all over this country who want to harm political leaders for all kinds of bizarre reasons. Luckily, this bombmaker wasn’t very smart. Criminals are caught by human DNA all of the time, but this might be the first time that a cat hair has caught someone who tried to harm a president.