The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Self-Obsessed Trump’s Time Magazine Claim

The internet had a hard time holding it together after Donald Trump posted a bizarre tweet on Friday, claiming that Time Magazine called him and said he would “probably” be named Person of the Year – but only if he agreed to an interview and photo shoot.

In a tweet, Trump said he turned down their offer, saying “probably is no good.”

As Jason Easley wrote a short time ago, Time Magazine quickly debunked Trump’s claim that they contacted him discussing the possibility that he would be named Person of the Year, saying in a tweet that they don’t discuss their choice until publication.

Other social media users had priceless reactions to the president’s tweet, with some even giving the magazine a few suggestions as to who really should be this year’s Person of the Year.

We live in polarized political times, and we have a president who has only added fuel to the flames of already-existing divisions, whether they be racial, religious or political. These certainly aren’t laughing matters.

The dangerous policy proposals, the gross incompetence, the petty effort to overturn every measure enacted by President Obama, and the increasingly explosive developments in the ongoing investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia – this is all serious stuff.

But every so often, Donald Trump says something so ludicrous that it’s impossible not to laugh at how buffoonish he is.