Fox News Gets Called Out On Their Own Show For Enabling Sexual Harassment

Carly Fiorina was supposed to be talking about the sexual harassment problem in Washington, on Fox News Sunday but instead, she made Fox News very uncomfortable by name dropping Roger Ailes into an answer about the enabling of sexual harassment.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: What you think about these politicians? To think that there’s an allegation against somebody — now, in some of these cases, Franken has acknowledged them. At some of the others have denied them, including Judge Moore and Congressman Conyers, do you think that should just be it, they should just — their career should be over?

FIORINA: You know, I think in virtually all of these cases, there has been corroboration of the women stories. And virtually every cases, not one woman who comes forward, it’s three, four, five, six.

And I think what’s most — I think what we all need to think about, but frankly particularly men need to think about, and in virtually all these cases, people knew. People knew this was going on. You can’t tell me that no one knew what was going on with Roy Moore and John Conyers or Al Franken or Charlie Rose or Roger Ailes or Howard Weinstein. People knew. Men knew and women knew.

And so, while we all express outrage now and people say, should they step down or should they not, I think the question going forward is, when are we going to stop tolerating this behavior and respecting the men who do it? Because all of these men have been respected, despite the fact that people knew.

That’s the key. Men around each situation knew. For example, there was a whole culture of enabling and promoting sexual harassment that began with Ailes, ran through the people around him, down to on-air talent like Bill O’Reilly.

The mistreatment of women in the workplace and society, in general, won’t stop until men also step up and say something when they see this behavior. Fiorina was right to call out Fox News. Fox was trying to demonize Washington, which is one of the tentpoles of the Fox mentality, but it was great to see them called out on their own programming for the massive sexual harassment problem that has been going on for decades at Fox News.