The Republican Tax Cut For The Rich Is Careening Toward Collapse In The Senate

Senate Republicans are scrambling as at least 6 Republicans have concerns about the bill that cuts taxes for the wealthiest Americans, and the legislation is coming closer to collapse.

The Washington Post reported:

Senate Republicans are seriously considering several last-minute changes to their tax legislation in an effort to mollify wavering members, four people familiar with the discussions said, as GOP leaders seek to keep their members from defecting ahead of crucial votes this week.


There are numerous members demanding changes, and their needs don’t all overlap. Together, the requests put Republican leaders in a difficult position, as they attempt to accommodate individual holdouts on a one-off basis without losing other members or creating a situation in which the bill collapses under the weight of disparate demands.

Republicans need to swing more than a vote or two to pass the bill. There are at least six Senators voicing public concerns, and it is impossible for leadership to appease them all, and stay within the limits that make it possible to use reconciliation. On top of the tax cut bill, Republicans also have to avoid a government shutdown before December 8, and there is a showdown coming on the Dreamers.

If two Republicans vote against the tax cut bill, it will be dead, and Republicans have enough internal division to kill it in the blink of an eye. Trump and Paul Ryan continue to express misplaced confidence in the eventual passage of the legislation. The bill is a lot closer to death than any Republican wants to admit, which is why it is important for those who are opposed to the GOP tax cut scam to call their Senator and make their feelings known.