Roy Moore’s Problems Get Worse After Campaign Staffer Caught Attacking Cameraman Outside Rally

As if Roy Moore’s problems weren’t bad enough already, a staffer for the Republican Senate nominee in Alabama was caught attacking a cameraman on Monday night after a campaign rally.

Raw video footage shows the campaign official using force on the camera operator before another man intervened and pulled him away.


According to Birmingham News reporter Connor Sheets, a second person wearing a Moore sticker “verbally assaulted” another cameraman.

“Man wearing Roy Moore sticker physically attacked a cameraman attempting to film Moore’s arrival outside campaign rally a few minutes ago here in Henagar, Alabama,” Sheets tweeted. “Another man w/ Moore sticker verbally assaulted a second cameraman.”

According to The Hill, the man was identified as Tony Goolsby, the DeKalb County coordinator for the Moore campaign.

The incident follows weeks of allegations from women that Moore made unwanted advances toward them, many when they were underage. Instead of accepting responsibility and apologizing, as Sen. Al Franken again did on Monday for doing much less, the Moore campaign has tried to smear the women and attack the press.

With that type of anti-media mentality flooding from the top of the Moore campaign, it’s no surprise that a low-level campaign official would find it appropriate to physically attack a member of the press, just as Moore supporters have convinced themselves that their candidate’s pedophilia is no big deal.

From top to bottom, Roy Moore’s Senate campaign is a shameful stain on the Republican Party and American politics more broadly.

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