Trump Is Making Himself A One Term President Through Disorganized Chaos


Trump and the Republicans have no clue what they are going to do after tax reform. There is nothing in the pipeline as chaos and dysfunction have gripped the federal government.

Politico reported, “Over the course of conversations with nearly a dozen senior aides in the White House and on Capitol Hill, a range of possibilities surfaced, from welfare reform to the infrastructure program Trump touted on the campaign trail to revisiting Obamacare repeal – an effort that has twice frustrated the Trump administration. The looming vacuum in the Republican agenda underscores how the relative chaos and disorganization of the Trump White House can affect policymaking across Washington. Former administration officials say the situation is virtually unprecedented, and that it is threatening the president’s ability to score legislative victories for the GOP heading into next year’s midterm elections. It may also cost Trump personally once the 2020 re-election campaign begins in earnest about a year from now.”

The Republicans have no agenda, and it turns out that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell aren’t the policymaking geniuses they thought they were. During the campaign, Republicans promised that they would guide Trump through the policymaking process. They told the country not to worry that Trump knows nothing. Republicans in Congress thought that they would set the agenda, and Trump would be their rubber stamp.

The reality has been that the same dysfunction that crippled congressional Republicans during the Obama years has grown tenfold. The House and Senate are paralyzed by their own infighting, and Trump’s bomb-throwing against his own Congress.


Trump knows nothing and seems barely coherent most of the time. The President is not going to set the agenda and provide leadership. Donald Trump thrives on chaos, and the federal government has been frozen by his dysfunction. Trump has revealed himself to be both incompetent and inept.

Trump’s inability to function is going to get him thrown out of office.