Trump Turns Yellow And Backs Out Of Campaigning For Alleged Pedophile Roy Moore

The White House is privately admitting that Trump will not be going to Alabama to campaign with alleged pedophile Roy Moore.

The AP reported, “White House official says President Donald Trump will not campaign for Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore before the Dec. 12 special election…The official says Trump will not travel to Alabama on Moore’s behalf, despite his public statements doubting the women accusing Moore of sexual assault. The president held the door open to campaigning for Moore last week, when he all but endorsed Moore’s candidacy and attacked his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones.”

It was just days ago that Trump was defending Roy Moore and leaving the door open to campaigning with him, but the story from the White House has suddenly shifted. If Trump really believes Roy Moore is innocent, he needs to go to Alabama and share a stage with the man. Trump won’t go to Alabama, because even he doesn’t want to be seen with Moore, and it is also a sure sign that the White House thinks that Moore is going to lose.

Trump talks a big game, but as usual, when push comes to shove, the President turns tail and runs. Donald Trump is throwing out his standard attacks against Doug Jones (soft on crime, will raise your taxes, too liberal, etc.), but he is too afraid to put his phone down and campaign for Roy Moore.

The President’s refusal to campaign for Moore tells one all they need to know about growing odds of a Democratic victory.