Holed Up In The White House and Sliding Downhill Fast, Trump Thinks Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Fake


Trump still believes that Obama’s birth certificate is fake, which means that the President is even crazier than anyone imagined.

The New York Times reported:

In recent months, they say, Mr. Trump has used closed-door conversations to question the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. He has also repeatedly claimed that he lost the popular vote last year because of widespread voter fraud, according to advisers and lawmakers.

One senator who listened as the president revived his doubts about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate chuckled on Tuesday as he recalled the conversation. The president, he said, has had a hard time letting go of his claim that Mr. Obama was not born in the United States. The senator asked not to be named to discuss private conversations.


There was no brilliant strategy to Trump’s floating of conspiracy theories. It is obvious that the man who was placed in the White House is a racist nutjob who is a creation of the fringe right. Trump is failing as president, so he is consoling himself by retreating to some of his favorite fantasies about how Barack Obama is not really an American citizen, and the popular vote was stolen from him through voter fraud.

Trump didn’t come into office with a firm handle on reality, but the strains of the presidency are sending Trump further away from sanity. Barack Obama’s birth certificate is real. It the presidency of Donald Trump that the majority of Americans believe is illegitimate and fake.