Rachel Maddow Drops A Truth Bomb In 60 Seconds And Obliterates The Republican Tax Cut Bill

Rachel Maddow showed why she is the Republican Party’s worst nightmare as she explained in a minute why Republicans are moving so quickly and trying to jam their tax cut bill through the Senate.

After playing the full video of the Senate Budget Committee vote to move the bill forward, Maddow said, “What they are trying to do with this really enormous bill will hurt the American poor and hurt the American middle class quickly and significantly and for a long time, and it will throw 13 million Americans off their health insurance, and so what they’re trying to do is very very unpopular, and that’s why they’re trying to go fast. That’s why they’re trying to outrun the resistance to what they’re doing. They’re also likely to get another non-partisan report on the cost of their bill and who it hurts, so they’ve got to outrun that too. Their whole strategy is to get this through now. When I say now, I mean like in the next two days they want to get this done before more of this starts happening and spreading before too many people realize what they are doing and how fast they are doing it.”

Time is critical. There is no time for the kind of policy-oriented discussions that some love on the left. What the American people need to know is that this bill is bad, and it will hurt them. Only a few facts are necessary. If you aren’t rich, your taxes are going to go up, and it is also very possible that you also could be one of the 13 million people who will lose their health insurance or one of the many seniors who will be impacted by the mandatory $25 billion cut in Medicare funding.

Republicans did learn a lesson from their failures to repeal Obamacare. They learned to move fast before the opposition has a chance to get informed and mobilized. This isn’t the way the Founding Fathers intended for the Legislative Branch to work, but the GOP tax bill is what happens when the majority of Congress stops representing the people and only caters to the interests of the wealthy and corporations.

Every opponent of this tax bill could learn a lesson from Rachel Maddow. The bill will only be killed if the American people are informed in a brief, concise, and direct manner. There is no time to waste, as Rachel Maddow showed where he megaton truth bomb about what Republicans are doing with their tax cut legislation.