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Fox News Cements Legacy As Propaganda Network By Refusing To Show Ad Critical of Trump

Fox News solidified itself as a propaganda network on Wednesday by announcing that they’re refusing to air a political ad that is critical of Donald Trump and the Republican tax scam.

The ad, paid for by a Democratic group, takes specific aim at the GOP tax proposal and features a Donald Trump lookalike tweeting and playing golf.


The ad lays out the facts about how the Republican tax plan would benefit the wealthiest Americans by slashing taxes for corporations and millionaires, even giving a break for golf course owners and wealthy heirs.

As the 30-second spot pointed out, these giveaways to the uber-rich would benefit Trump’s family to the tune of $1 billion.

Fox News, of course, spends very little of its airtime entertaining facts contrary to its worldview. Instead, the network’s main purpose is to create a fact-free bubble for Trump supporters, not give a fair and balanced assessment of current events.

In the reality-based world, Trump has spent an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter and the golf course since taking office, and just about every last one of his policy proposals would hurt the working class voters he claims to represent. If you watch Fox News, though, you likely wouldn’t have noticed this.

By refusing to air this anti-Trump advertisement, Fox News is continuing to shelter its viewers from a reality they don’t want to see and cementing its status as a propaganda network.

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