James Clapper Destroys Trump’s New Blame Obama Excuse For Mike Flynn’s Russia Crimes

The Trump White House is now claiming that Obama authorized Mike Flynn’s conversations with Russians, but their claim was immediately dismissed as absurd by former Obama Director Of National Intelligence, James Clapper on CNN.

The White House came up with a new blame Obama excuse by telling CNN, “None of the conversations were improper and were authorized by the Obama administration.”

Clapper destroyed the idea that they would authorize any conversations with Russians:

Clapper said, “That’s absurd. That’s absolutely absurd. There was great concern at the time, not just with this particular contact, but with the violation of the principle that historically been followed of one president, one administration at a time, and that gave rise to because of all these contacts that Mike was having and others in the transition with the Russians and other foreign entities is what is this, what is this all about? So to say that we blessed it, or acquiesced it is a stretch.”

The Trump White House plan is to blame Obama, and if that fails, they are going to blame Obama some more. I am sure that excuse plays well with the 30% of the country that hated Obama and will stand by Trump no matter what, but for the rest of us living in reality, the blame Obama card is not going work.

The White House can’t explain away the fact that their national security adviser was committing crimes against America, so they have done the only thing that they know how to do. Donald Trump is blaming Obama.

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