Lawrence O’Donnell Explains Why Mike Flynn’s Guilty Plea Is The Tip Of The Russia Iceberg


MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explains why Mike Flynn’s guilty plea is only the beginning of Trump’s Russia woes.



O’Donnell said, “What we are going to learn today is the tip of the iceberg about what Michael Flynn is going to testify to. And let’s just remember, Michael Flynn is going to be under tote and he is going to be under oath publicly at some point. Certainly, when the special prosecutor is finished with him, Michael Flynn will be under oath to the congressional committees, whenever that is. And even if Donald Trump pardons Michael Flynn today, Michael Flynn will be under oath. And so let’s just recall, if the president wants to pardon Michael Flynn today, the special prosecutor already knows everything he needs to know about Flynn when he puts Michael Flynn the pardoned Michael Flynn under oath, Michael Flynn then risks committing a crime again if he does not tell the truth under oath. And so the pardon here, if the president were to try to issue.”

As O’Donnell explained, Trump can’t get himself out of this by pardoning Flynn. Robert Mueller already has the information that he needs. A pardon of Mike Flynn might be great for Flynn, but it would do nothing for Trump.

The silence coming from the White House after this Flynn news speaks volumes.

On a day that was supposed to be about the Senate passing tax cuts, the Russia scandal revealed why it is always bubbling under the surface as the dominant story in American politics.