Mitch McConnell Just Admitted That No One Is Allowed To Read The Tax Cut Bill Until After It Passes

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) was voicing his concern that Senators will be voting on a massive tax bill that will alter the US economy for decades without seeing it, when Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell told him that he would have time to read the bill after it passes the Senate and is in conference with the House.

This is how far Republicans have gone to undermine democracy:

What McConnell is doing is blowing up the legislative process undermining the Consitution. The elected representatives of the people can’t represent the interests of their constituents if they aren’t allowed to read legislation before voting on it. Mitch McConnell is committing a crime against democracy. Citizens can’t read the bill for themselves because it hasn’t been publicly released. Senators don’t have adequate time to review the legislation because it has not been provided to them.

Senate Republicans are ramming this bill through because they know that they are living on borrowed time. The voters are coming for them, and they are trying to get all that they can for their wealthy campaign contributors before the American electorate is transformed into an angry mob at the ballot box who are intent on voting them out of office.

It is not surprising that same man who blocked a Supreme Court nominee is passing a secret tax cut for the wealthy because that is exactly who Mitch McConnell is.