A Reeling White House Shudders As Rachel Maddow Has Some Very Bad Russia News For Mike Pence


Rachel Maddow explains why Mike Flynn’s cooperation with the Special Counsel is another step toward the Russia hammer coming down on Vice President Mike Pence.



Maddow said, “Vice President Pence insisted publicly more than once that Mike Flynn never talked about sanctions with the Russian. That was always a false statement. Well, now we know that multiple members of the Trump transition team knew it was a false statement when Mike Pence said it. So, why’d they let him say it? Honestly, what we learned today also raises the question of whether or not Mike Pence knew that was a false statement when he said it. Well, we can report exclusively tonight that Vice President Mike Pence has not spoken to Robert Mueller or his team of investigators nor has been asked to. We can also report tonight that the Vice President has not been asked to hand over any documents to the Mueller investigation, but given what just emerged today in federal court, one has to expect that he knows that is coming.”

Rachel Maddow was spot on. Vice President Pence isn’t going to be the Republican savior if Trump goes down for Russia scandal related crimes. Pence is going down with him. Vice President Pence was the head of the transition team. He has a direction connection to Mike Flynn and most of the major questions surrounding the Russia scandal. Mike Pence is into this scandal up to his eyeballs, and no one should be surprised if he is indicted before Trump.