Republicans Aren’t Sharing Any Information About Their Tax Cut Bill With Democrats As National Disgust Grows

Not only have Democrats not seen the legislation, but Republicans haven’t provided them with a list of amendments that will be included in the bill.

According to Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO):

Republicans are carrying out an act of theft in broad daylight on the Senate floor. Instead of a bipartisan process that respects how a legislature is supposed to function, Mitch McConnell and company have been secretly railroading the American people by not providing information and details on what will be voted on.

Senate Republicans have given lobbyists more information than they have Democrats and the American people.

Good legislation that helps people and the country that they live in doesn’t need to be hidden. Mitch McConnell’s actions are fundamentally undemocratic and show that the culture of disrespect for democracy runs all through the Republican Party.

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